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I make a lot of silly design decisions and lose a lot of sleep as an architortue major. On my free time, I DJ for KTUH 90.3 FM every Mondays noon - 3. In real life, I'm a fairly introverted and private being. Thanks, meow, and that is all.

oh, and i sell things from my closet over @ 2nd Hand Labyrinth


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In Brooklyn, we go hard 🐧🐧🐧 #thelovers #nyc #vscocam #brooklyn (at somewhere in williamsburg)

Nosebleed ✌️ #isthatjayz #nyc #brooklynnets #vscocam (at Barclays Center)

Because my roommates and I are all October babies 💕🙌✨ #libras #nyc #vscocam (at GAONNURI)

Room with a view #nyc #vscocam (at GAONNURI)

Hotdogs + Seagulls 🐦✨ #nyc #brooklyn #vscocam (at Coney Island)


So in love with this amazing bathroom, the banana leaf wallpaper makes me go bananas!!!


if you cant handle me at my worst then leave because i dont have a best im always awful

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Cute Halloween decorations around Baskin Robbins! Mmm Spooky Cookie!